TD 2019 AFL

Competition Summary

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Competition Summary

Results after scoring Grand Final

No winners this round.

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Top 10 Tippers
1st Alexander, Luke 298
2nd Banes, Scott 292
3rd Young, Andrew 288
4th de Haan, Edward 288
5th Lynch, Craig 286
6th O'Connor, Jessica 286
7th Quinn, Ben 284
8th Styles, Nick 284
9th Wilson, Andrew 282
10th Ridd, Garrath 282

Bottom 10 Tippers
842nd Wherlock, Raelene 21
842nd Wijesinghe, Fareesha 21
842nd Williamson, Samantha 21
842nd Wilson, Trevor 21
842nd wischusen, ross 21
842nd Woodham, Geoff 21
842nd Yoon, Dennis 21
842nd ZACKER, JESS 21
842nd Zappia, Frank 21

Results for Games in Round 27
Richmond 114 defeated GWS Giants 25